Nikolaev - city of shipbuilding

Nikolaev is washed from three parts by Ingul and Southern Bug waters. The naval and ship city, a favourite child of prince Potyomkin-Taurian, put by it in 1789 in a fine place, on surprisingly picturesque peninsula at merge of Ingul and Southern Bug, it could become in due course "southern capital” to the Russia which have opened at last a window to the Black Sea open space, in the Mediterranean.

However the history has disposed differently. Nikolayev could become a city-shipyard, a cradle of the Black Sea fleet, a city-workman, one of the centres of shipbuilding of Russia, and then and Soviet Union. Such specificity has left traces on destiny, character and even external shape of Nikolaev. Nevertheless, the city grew, developed, led the life. Today it is the large regional centre of Ukraine with the semimillion population, the industrial giants known all over the world, the developed social sphere, these are the wide, planted trees and shrubs prospectuses, it is the centre full of charm, they are handsome men Southern Bug and Ingul.

It is the ancient earth, the fertile south of Ukraine. Here the hot steppe meets blue shaft of Black sea, tart smells of steppe grasses mix up with a salty wind of sea open spaces. The Prichernomorsky earth remembers Scythians, ancient Greeks, slavic tribes, nogai hordes, free Zaporozhye Cossacks... To this day summer downpours wash away splinters of the Greek amphoras, the turned black coins, clay Turkish and Cossack tubes, other relicts of an antiquity which help to recreate history of Nikolaev step by step from the local earth.

But intensive settling of the Nikolaev peninsula has begun in last quarter ХV ІІІ centuries already after clearing of Northern Black Sea Coast of Turkish conquerors and an exit of the Russian state to Black sea. The fleet was necessary to Russia. Before our city has received the official status, it was called modestly enough - shipyard on Ingul. The place it was in a river Ingul mouth, at its confluence of Bugsky estuary. In the afternoon of the basis of New Shipyard, in a consequence become by Nikolaev, it is considered on April, 27th, 1789 This number Potyomkin Faleev's instruction "is dated to Get shipyard on Ingul".

It has received the name a year later, after victorious storm of Ochakov by the Russian armies under A.V.Suvorov's command. Ochakov was is taken in December, 1788, in day of Sacred Nikolay, the defender of seamen. In its honour also named a new city. With Sacred Nikolay's name, one of the most esteemed sacred in Ukraine and in Russia, the first church constructed in a city in 1790, and the first ship are connected also. The 46-gun frigate "Saint Nikolay” has been floated in August of the same year, and in July, 1791 near cape Kaliakrija it has received the first baptism of fire.

To shipbuilding and fleet the city life has been completely subordinated. Almost hundred years the staff of the Black Sea fleet here was deployed. Names of outstanding naval commanders F.F.Ushakov, P.S.Nahimov, V.A.Kornilov, A.S.Grejg, F.F.Bellinsgauzen, M.L.Lazarev, G.I.Butakov are connected with Nikolaev.