Ukraine is my native country, lovely and the one in my heart. There are many interesting cities and places for tourists to visit.

The Black Sea biospheric reserve

The Black Sea biospheric reserve - national park in territory of the Kherson and Nikolaev areas of Ukraine. The area about 100 thousand in hectare. Is in conducting National academy of sciences of Ukraine. Reserve management is located in city Naked Landing stage of the Kherson area.

Reserve geography. The Black Sea biospheric reserve is located at northern coast of Black sea and islands in Tendrovsky and Jagorlytsky gulfs of Black sea. The reserve is one of the largest in Ukraine. The reserve territory consists of several sites which represent different landscapes of the seaside south of Ukraine. Reserve overall objective is protection wintering nested and birds of passage, and also unique complexes of sandy arenas and Steppes which steels deserts. Switches on separate isolated sites of saline and sandy steppes, oak, birch, aspen and, plaits, salty and fresh lakes, water areas of gulfs. Sea islands Smolenyj a part of reserve, Eagles, Woman's are the world's largest nesting place of black-headed seagull.

The modern area of reserve makes 100 thousand in hectare, of which 77 thousand of 900 hectares, — water area of Tendrovsky and Jagorlitsky gulfs, and also kilometre strip of the high sea, 14 thousand of 148 hectares — overland part.

Climate. Climate is warm, but, despite seaside position, continental and dry. It is characterised concerning low humidity of air, small overcast, insignificant amount of precipitation and rather big daily and annual amplitude of fluctuation of temperature of air. Mid-annual temperature 10,8 °С.

The reserve nature. In reserve territory there are 446 kinds of vertebrate animals, more than 3000 kinds of invertebrates, 728 kinds of plants. From them in the Red book of Ukraine and the European Red list 14 kinds of mammals, 57 kinds of birds, 37 kinds of insects, 41 kind of plants are brought.

The reserve is created for protection of wintering, flying and nesting birds and environment of their dwelling. Are numerous on nesting of seagull, Terns, sandpipers, ducks, Rallidae, long-legged. In gulfs - place of mass wintering of swans (whooper and mute), weft, Sandpipers, rails. On flight it is a lot of geese (especially bausond), sandpipers, sparrow and other birds. On forest-steppe sites meet on nesting small and rare species, such as bustard, the sea eagle-belohvost, occasionally encountered bustard. The spotty deer delivered in 1957 from has well acclimatised Askanii-is new. The mullet, gloss (subspecies of river flounder) live in waters, bull-calves.

In 2004 in territory of area nearby to village Behtery the curative geyser has opened. Depth of source of 1572 m. Temperature — 65 °C all year long. Subsequently on the basis of source beating from under the earth the pool for acceptance of curative baths (there temperature of all 45-50°С) has been equipped. Useful influence of source on the oporno-impellent device, thyroid gland, nervous system and respiratory ways was revealed.

Voznesensk city

Voznesensk — city of regional value in the Nikolaev area of Ukraine, administrative centre of Voznesensky area.


Till XV century on hill at confluence of Mertvovoda of Southern Bug the Tatar fortress of Chichaklej settled down. In the beginning of XV century, in expansion of possession of the Lithuanian princedom the fortress has been grasped by Lithuanians and Sokolets is named. Then the fortress has passed to Poland. Later the fortress is successfully taken by storm by the Zaporozhye Cossacks.

In the XVIII-th century beginning on this place it is based Cossack the Falcons, a part Bugogardsky Palanka. The crossing near this place was called Falcon.

In 1795 on place by order of Catherine II the city of Voznesensk, названый in honour of church holiday — Rises Dominical, with the status of the centre of the new Voznesensky province abolished in 1796 is put.

The industry and business

In city it is located 18 big industrial enterprises, from them of 72 % of light industry (manufacture of skin, tailoring of outer clothing, furniture manufacturing, footwear tailoring) and 18 % of the food-processing industry (manufacture meat-sausage of products, cheeses, dairy production, manufacture of tinned vegetables and fruit, bakery and confectionery products). Enterprises Voznesenska form network of firm shops which offer exclusive clothes and the footwear made according to the European quality standards. The assortment and reasonable prices will satisfy the most whimsical buyer who can regale also on tasty production of the food-processing industry.

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