The Nikolaev regional museum of local lore — one of the first museums of antiquities in the Russian empire.

History of Nikolaev regional museum.  It is based in 1803. Museum opening is connected with opening of office of the rarities created under the decision of the main commander of the Black Sea fleet and ports of the marquis de Traverse.

Till 1806 it was unique museum where brought all archeological finds of Malorossiya.

In 1838 the Nikolayev admiralty has built special pavilion for expositions. In the middle of XIX-th century many exhibits have formed the basis for opening of museums in Odessa, Kerch, Kherson and other cities.

On December, 15th, 1913, under the decision of the Nikolaev Municipal duma and initiative group of fans-regional specialists under the direction of S.I.Gajduchenko, on the basis of constant replenishment of finds the Nikolaev museum of local lore has been opened.

The exposition has incurred the big losses during the First and Second world wars. Nevertheless by 1950 the museum has been filled up by various rarities and celebrated the opening.

Museum association. The Nikolaev regional museum of local lore is considerable museum association. Into its structure (except the core) enter: Nikolaev Shipbuilding and fleet Museum, museum «underground-guerrilla movement on Nikolaev oblast in days of the Great Patriotic War», the Ochakovsky military-historical museum V.Suvorov, May Day museum of local lore, museum «Guerrilla spark» in village Krymka.

Exhibits of ikolaev regional museum.

In museum it is collected already over 160 thousand exhibits of which half is made by antiquity subjects. Among them subjects of antiquity from Olviya, tools of the Kiev Russia, the Cossacks weapon and many other things. The museum collection constantly replenishes at the expense of casual finds of townspeople.